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Development & Concept


The Koster Keunen granulator is the first fully functional wax granulator of its type ever developed. Prior to the development of the Koster Keunen granulator, wax granulation was performed by use of large prill towers. Such prill towers were typically 80 feet in height and would cost over a US-$1,000,000 to build. As a consequence, granulation capability was available only to a few large highly capitalized chemical companies. These large prill towers typically would admit molten wax into the top part of the tower from which the wax would then be dropped. The wax would cool during the time that it was falling from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower.

The Koster Keunen granulator, by contrast, operates by admitting molten wax into nozzles situated on heated spray bars located at the lower portion of the granulator. These spray bars project the wax into the air in essentially parallel trajectories since the nozzles on the spray bars are parallel to one another. The wax travels through a trajectory that causes it to approach but not to reach the top of the granulator and then to fall back down through the spray chamber until it lands on the air cushion created by the air flowing through the perforated plate. By the force of spraying the wax up (as opposed to simply permitting it to fall from the top of the granulator) the Koster Keunen granulator is able to cause the wax particles to be airborne for periods of time comparable to or in excess of those obtainable through large prill towers. Because of the trajectory through which the Koster Keunen granulator causes the wax particles to travel, the space required for air-cooling is significantly less. Thus the Koster Keunen granulator is typically 16 to 20 feet in height as compared to the 80 foot height of the large prill towers.

The Koster Keunen granulator also utilizes a cloth filter located at the top of the granulator structure which services to trap wax dust particles which are blown upward by the air current from the perforated plate below. The perforated plate is designed to be removable to facilitate cleaning. For operation in warm weather, a cooler is located in front of the blower to cool the air flowing into the granulator. The Koster Keunen granulator is composed of pre-fabricated parts and is easily assembled by the customer on site and can be operated by the customer with a minimum of training.